Who We Are & What We Do

With 30+ years combined experience, you can trust us!

We are the IP gateway focused on helping global clients protect and manage their IP across the African continent. Through a large Network of African IP practitioners, AllThingsIP offers Intellectual Property protection across Africa and facilitates access to IP-related information.

As subject matter experts with a vast network of resident African consultants under the AfricaIP Network™, we provide IP-related consulting, communication strategy, advisory services and research services. We provide real, flexible and sustainable IP solutions for private and public sector organisations across the continent. As a legal technology company, our consulting division is supported by a solid technology development team that focuses on legal software/platform development, digital marketing and SEO.

Professionals with vast experience in the field of IP.

Our approach is driven by an in-depth understanding of the African continent and its IP landscape allowing for commercially focused advice to organisations in terms of approach and strategy across the whole spectrum of IP.



Through a large Network of African IP practitioners and experts, we offer Intellectual Property consulting and advisory across the continent and facilitate access to IP-related information and market intelligence.

IP Consulting

At the core of our IP consulting and advisory services is in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives and their overall goal.

Content Creation

We create content that converts! Every social media asset aligns with your commercial goals, engages your audience directly and builds a conversation around your brand.

Market Intelligence

We deliver data-led reports and strategic market insights to drive business growth across Africa.

Do you need real, flexible, and sustainable IP solutions for your organization?

We provide commercially focused advice to organizations in terms of approach and strategy. Drop us a line so that we can collaborate on your upcoming project.