Real, flexible and sustainable IP solutions

Supported by subject matter experts and a vast network of resident African consultants under the AfricaIP Network™.

We use effective storytelling to create communications strategies for internal and external audiences for IP firms and organisations. Through our collaborative approach with clients we create engaging and effective communications plans that ensure consistency at all touch points when telling the IP story.

Partner with us to bring your next event and project to life. We leverage our IP expertise and Event Management experience to curate lively, engaging and informative IP related events. We have utilised these skills to produce and manage events and projects for regional and international organisations.

We create content that converts! Every social media asset aligns with your commercial goals, engages your audience directly and builds a conversation around your brand. Digital marketing in the field of IP is an art. Our team consists of skilled artists specializing in SEO and social media management.

We specialise in matching IP professionals, practitioners and consultants with private and public organisations, law firms and corporate legal departments. We offer more than recruitment services, we deliver end to end service including building and structuring in-house IP departments.

Our needs-specific Intellectual Property training is customised to meet individual company goals and engage staff members of our clients. Contact us and find out how we can help educate you on IP matters that are pertinent to your business.

IP software development services tailored to your business.We build software products that align with business goals. We handle all aspects of the product development process, from prototyping, and testing, all the way to software development, deployment and maintenance.

AfricaIP Guide

A simple built-in feature at your disposal where you can access a snap shot of applicable laws and IP filing requirements for each jurisdiction in Africa. After all, protection, management and enforcement of IP in Africa is not a simplified feat. We got you covered.

- Expertise

Decades of combined experience covering various African jurisdictions and Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

- Coverage

Well-coordinated, functional, and cooperative ecosystem experts and IP practitioners across the continent.

- Local Presence

Because we call Africa home, our approach is driven by an in-depth understanding of the African continent. This allows us to provide commercially focused advice to organisations in terms of approach and strategy.

- Client Commitment

In-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements and maximizing the value of our services to their requirements.We believe in the value of collaboration internally within our teams and externally with our clients and stakeholders.

Expert driven and tailor-made solutions

Our approach is driven by an in-depth understanding of the African continent and its IP landscape allowing for commercially focused advice to organisations in terms of approach and strategy across the spectrum of IP.

Do you need real, flexible, and sustainable IP solutions for your organization?

We provide commercially focused advice to organizations in terms of approach and strategy. Drop us a line so that we can collaborate on your upcoming project.