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Streamline, Streamline, Streamline.  As a business grows, it has more moving parts and becomes more and more complicated to manage. Having set processes for managing all the moving parts is imperative. That means, creating templates for anything you might need to produce, scheduling social media content days in advance, having processes for customer onboarding and so on.  Each business’s operations are unique; therefore, it is important to customize your processes in a way that works for your business. In that process, a trade secret could actually arise that can be protected as an intellectual property asset. 
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Every business needs to be lead with a big-picture vision and a laser-sharp focus. This way a balance is created over creating the short term results needed to sustain the business as well as the long term outlook needed to grow the business to maturity and beyond. 
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Grooming a Successful Woman with Intellectual Mind
#This is how far we have come. We believe in knowledge sharing for our growth and development as women. We stand out to make a difference in our homes, country and the entire globe. We are proud women of GSWIM and because of our continous trainings on creativity and innovation, we have made the world a better place to stay. We meet again on 28 -29th December for a retreat at Banga Bay Beach. We are going TO UNFOLD OUR POTENTIAL FOR 2020. Join the brave for betterment.
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IP & Market Research.  Before taking a product to market, market research is a necessary precursor particularly if one’s entering a foreign or new market they haven’t participated in before. Innovators can refer to IP directories to get an idea of which technologies, innovations or brand names are protected and the extent to which they are.  This information goes a long way in helping organizations define their market entry strategy in a way that doesn’t put the business at the risk of unknowingly infringing on the rights of others. 
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Protecting Industrial Designs.  Innovators and enterprises that make hard tangible products can protect their industrial design from commercial replication. An industrial design relates to the form and function of a product that differentiates it from others. Most might be familiar with the cases of Samsung and Apple taking each other to court for copying either ones’ designs – it is because of industrial designs.  Protecting your industrial design could be a good alternative for a patent should you fail to acquire one. Get in touch, and we will walk you through how you can do so. 
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Can an online business get IP protection?  Over the years we have seen the growth of online businesses, not only in the developed world but also in the developing world. The barriers to entry to get into business have certainly fallen which creates a huge need for IP protection.  Quite a number of assets can be protected including original software, databases, domain names and original content. IP protection of an online business builds more authenticity around it and will certainly help with the valuation of the business. 
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